Auto Show Event Info
When available, events are held in certain areas & dates for individuals and dealers to sell their vehicles at one particular location. Makes it a little easier for buyers to not have to drive around looking for a vehicle to buy.

Selling? Create an account for yourself then add your vehicle. If available, select an event location were you want to sell your vehicle. Pay the registration fee then bring your vehicle to the event. Your vehicle will then be listed on the Event Details page for potential buyers to see what vehicles will be on-hand. Registering early will help get your vehicle more attention on our website and search engines.

Buying? No need to spend hours driving all over to look at vehicles when you can attend one of our local events to find one. Some of the event sponsors like, auto mechanics, parts stores, insurance companies, car detailers and more may be offering discounts on their products or services. When available, auto mechanics may be on site to do an "On The Spot" general inspection* before you buy. (* a small fee may apply and is set by the mechanic)

Event locations
It is free to roam our events and look at vehicles for sale.
If you want to sell a vehicle at our event, log in or create an account and purchase an Event listing.
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Current Event Locations

Pa, New Castle, Event ID: 2, Scott Twp New Castle PA, 4/10/2021, 10:00:00 AM
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